Do you sell to private consumers?
No. We do not sell directly to consumers, but only to professional motorcycle dealers.
I have a VAT number, is it possible to buy directly from you?
Our company sell exclusively to motorcycle dealers. At the time of the first order, we ask our customer to provide a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce to check the requirements.
Is all data on your website and catalogue accurate?
We are very careful to indicate and update the data contained in our website and catalogue, but we cannot assume any liability in the event of inaccuracy.. For this reason, we ask our customers to verify the product prior to its assembly and contact us for up-to-date information.
Do the images in your website and catalog really represent the product?
Some photos may not be up to date, so just indicative, you can contact us to ask for detailed information about the products.
Should your spare parts be considered original trademark parts?
Our spare parts are not original parts, even though their quality can often be considered higher. The marks we cite are owned by the respective companies, which are mentioned by us only for descriptive purposes.
Where can I buy from in my region?
We have a distribution network across the country. The best known motorcycle dealers are, almost always, our customers and due to commercial loyalty, we cannot indicate only a few. Since it is impossible to provide the full list, we would prefer not to reply.
Are your products for sale on line?
We do not perform online sales to consumers, but many of our customers perform this activity excellently. Their addresses can be easily found on Internet.
Do you provide technical information and assembly instructions?
Where possible we describe in our catalog the highlights of the products. In some cases you can find detailed information and videos, of the assembly operations, on the websites of the brands we deal with. However, the assembly of our products must be carried out only by professional duly licensed.
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