Sales conditions


1- Introduction
All our sales are ruled by these General Terms & Conditions of Sale.
Different terms and conditions of sale are therefore not accepted.

2- Sale
The sale of our products is reserved to professional motorcycle dealers.

3- Orders
Orders are always subject to our approval and we reserve the right not to accept them, without providing any justification.
We recommend to send the order through our website
Orders must be made in writing and must always indicate: the exact company name, the address and tax information (VAT, Company registration number etc.), the different delivery address, the complete part number and the quantity desired.
Product description is not necessary, as part number indicated will be considered.
Maximum care and clarity is required in sending the orders, in case of incompleteness or lack of clarity we do not assume any responsibility for erroneos intepretation.
Orders by word and/or by phone are not accepted.
Minimum order € 50.00.
With the order the customer fully accepts these General Terms & Conditions of Sale.

4- Terms of delivery
Orders with specified delivery terms are subject to our approval; orders with request for priority or urgency are not accepted since all orders are processed in real time and in chronological order of arrival at our warehouse.
Orders via our website are processed more quickly due to reduced processing times.

5- Back orders
Back orders will be shipped as soon as available with subsequent orders, or upon request of the customer.
A detailed list of back orders is the on back of the each Delivery Note.
Customer has the right to request the partial and/or total cancellation of back orders by sending a written notice.
It is also possible to request the default cancellation of all back orders.

6- Transport
Goods are always and only shipped at recipient risk.
All shipments and deliveries are made CPT (Carriage paid to) Incoterms unless differently agreed.
This means that we are not liable in any case for theft, damage, total or partial loss of goods, as, our liability transfers to the carrier with the delivery of goods.
We reserve the right to choose the carrier.
Cost of transport is charged in invoice, packaging is free.
Storage costs, requested by the carrier, for non-delivery due to absence or refusal  will be charged.
Upon receipt of the goods we recommend to check the integrity of the packaging and the number of packages and to communicate immediately to the carrier any discrepancies or damage.

7- Prices
Due to instability of exchange rates, overheads and raw materials, changes in price of our products could occur.
Consequently, due to the impossibility to communicate the changes to all customers in a timely manner, prices at time of invoicing are to be considered valid.
For latest prices visit our website

8- Payment
Payment terms: Bank transfer;
In case of late payment, whatever the reason, in addition to all costs incurred by us and with a minimum of € 13.00, will be charged late payment interest as required by Italian Decree Law 9 October 2002 number 231 and subsequent amendments and additions.
Any current orders and deliveries will be suspended until full payment, as well as any commercial agreements will void.

9- Retention of title
Goods are sold with the retention of title therefore goods remain property of Motocross Marketing srl, until the settlement of any debt.

10- Warranty
The warranty, for parts deemed to be defective at the origin by us or by the manufacturer, will never go beyond the replacement of the part itself and in any case will never exceed the warranty provided by the manufacturer.
We assume no responsibility, direct or indirect, to things and people for the use of our products, even if deemed defective.
No warranty will be granted in the case of assembly carried out by private users, by non-professionist mechanincs and/or in contravention of procedures, instructions, recommendations, indications, terms, etc. , indicated by us or contained in book of use and maintenance of the motorcycle and/or the product.
In case of warranty request, in order to carry out a proper investigation, you may be required to send us or send to the manufacturer the parts deemed to be defective, the whole motorcycle or part of it.
Parts subject by their nature to wear, movement and damage caused by time are excluded from warranty.
We also disclaim any liability and/ or warranty for sales made by our customers outside the European Economic Community, on bikes for rent or loan.

11- Product
Despite the attention paid to find the information contained in our catalogue and website, we do not assume responsability for any incorrect information; any corrections and changes to information known after the printing of the catalogue are currently updated on our website
Always check the product before its assembly, we will not accept complains about product already assembled and/or used.
All products in our catalogue:                                                                                                                                                              
• are to be considered only adaptable to the mentioned makes/models/years ;     
• are intended for assembly by professional machanics;
• are not original spare parts of the mentioned brands.
Photos and texts contained in our catalogue are just indicative and are not mandatory for contractual purposes.
In order to improve the product, we reserve the right to vary its features.

12- Returns
Returns or complaints for incorrect order or for incorrect sending, eight days after receipt of the goods, will not be accepted. Perform all necessary checks promptly.
Any returns will be accepted only prior and agreed written authorization by our sales department and in any case under the following conditions:
• to arrive at our warehouse, ex works, with delivery note;
• the packaging must be undamaged and original;
• as partial reimbursement for handling and administrative charges a cost of € 5.00 will be charged
Unauthorized returns and/or not in accordance with above mentioned conditions will be rejected to the sender, at his own expenses.

13- Disputes
For any dispute competent court is Varese.

14- Privacy
Read the PRIVACY POLICY INFORMATION NOTICE REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) which is integral part of these General Terms & Conditions of Sale.

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